About Happening

Beginning in January of 2019, Happening will be held ONLY one time per year! Make sure to get your application in on time!
9th Graders will be invited to all Happenings beginning in 2019!

In 1992, several teens and adults attended Mississippi Happening #11 in hopes of starting Happening in Louisiana.  

It Happened!!! LA Happening #1 was held in Alexandria, Louisiana at Tall Timbers Retreat Center in January of 1993.   Since then we have moved to the Wesley Center in Woodworth, Louisiana.

The Happening Experience is a powerful instrument of renewal in the Church.  The weekend theme is developed through a series of talks which compare the changing nature of material and social reality as compared to the permanent nature of spiritual reality, a firm foundation on which teens can build a secure foundation on life.  

The Happening staff is made up of teenagers 10-12th grades.  Adults are present to support the weekend, including Spiritual Directors.  Happening provides a method through which one's spirituality may be developed, lived, and shared in fellowship with Christians willing to dedicate their lives to God in an ongoing manner.

Happening #54
 January 17-19, 2020